Joe Justice


I am a local photographer in Norfolk, Virginia that focuses on our local indie and alternative music scene, mostly serving as the house photographer for Norfolk music promoter LAVA Presents. Occasionally I will shoot for national or international touring bands that I love, which sometimes leads me to Richmond or Washington, DC. I have also shot for Devil's Backbone Hoopla music festival and Justin B Productions. I have shot shows for a decade.

My previous experience is as a Navy Photographer's Mate (in the era of film), as an exclusive istockphoto stock contributor, and as a portrait and wedding photographer. But photographing live music is satisfying in a way that no other niche can fill.

I especially enjoy supporting bands that are led by women, and women who shoot shows. Women who break free of traditional roles always inspire me, and often bring a different perspective and vision. I also consider the music scene to be an accepting place that transcends the things that divide us in society; music brings us together in a way that nothing else can.