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3 weeks ago

“A” Play Download Pilot 19.6.2021

Jason and Adam Perry at Download 2021

After a pretty brutal winter with not much in the way of events to shoot I got word though from the Tour Manager of “A” that I could be on the Crew for the Download Pilot. I absolutely had to be there.


Download this year was going to be a government pilot to test the system for bringing back live events safely so, as well as the usual admin for getting accreditation, there was also an online system in place to log and show evidence of a negative lateral flow test to keep everyone safe.

Adam Perry, Giles Perry, Mark Chapman, Jason Perry

Giles Perry, Mark Chapman

With the paperwork done, I packed my kit, drove up to Donnington and met with the guys from “A” at the event. I got to work shooting some behind the scenes stuff. The scenes from side of stage were simply amazing. It was so ace to see a huge crowd of fans relishing some live music and a real festival vibe after so many months in confinement. Seeing this evoked a response in me. As a photographer it’s my duty to shoot the vibe and the scene not only for the music fans who unfortunately couldn’t be there but to provide photos for the band who were also about to play to a big crowd for the first time in way too long.

Jason, Adam and Giles Perry

A play Download 2021

I started the set by shooting from the pit where I bumped into an old friend of mine, Neil from LD Communications. Always great to see him. A quick chat and then I had to get to work shooting a few songs from the thirty-five minute set from the pit before heading to shoot from side of stage for the remainder of the show.

Jason Perry

Frontman Jason Perry had his usual amazing repartee with the crowd. Arranging an “Age Appropriate Mosh Pit”, encouraging the crowd to walk around in circles.  With a Deliveroo backpack, a trademark tinted visor belting out beachboys inspired harmonies to make damn sure every single one of the 10,000 assembled metalheads would be taking home an ear worm melody hook or two.

Jason Perry

Ending the set with an absolutely huge rendition of “Nothing” with a tremendous crowd participation, I shot from behind the bass rig capturing wide angles of the crowd and vibe as eight times Donnington veterans “A” reminded the ecstatic crowd just how much fun you can have at a festival.

A play Download 2021