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2 months ago

Live: Hollywood Vampires sink their teeth into Glasgow

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The Hollywood Vampires took the stage at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow and delivered an electrifying performance that left the audience buzzing with excitement. Composed of rock legends Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, Tommy Henriksen, Glen Sobel and Johnny Depp, this supergroup brought together an incredible lineup of talent, and their concert was a testament to the enduring power of rock and roll.

Kicking off the night with "Want My Now," the Hollywood Vampires immediately set the tone for an energetic and unforgettable evening. The crowd erupted as the band launched into their high-octane rendition of "Raise the Dead," with Joe Perry's blistering guitar solos and Alice Cooper's signature stage presence captivating everyone in the arena.


The setlist was a carefully curated mix of original songs and covers, showcasing the band's versatility and paying homage to their musical influences. From the classic Alice Cooper hits like "I'm Eighteen" to iconic covers such as The Doors' "Five to One / Break On Through (to the Other Side)" and The Who's "Baba O'Riley," the Hollywood Vampires breathed new life into these timeless rock anthems.


One of the standout moments of the night came during the long anticipated performance of David Bowie's "Heroes." The band's heartfelt rendition paid tribute to the late rock icon and resonated deeply with the audience. Johnny Depp's vocals were surprisingly soulful and haunting, adding a unique touch to the song's emotional atmosphere.


The Hollywood Vampires didn't shy away from exploring the darker corners of rock music either. Their performance of "The Death and Resurrection Show" by Killing Joke was a thrilling display of raw power and intensity. The band's chemistry was palpable, with Alice Cooper's commanding stage presence and Joe Perry's masterful guitar work driving the performance to new heights.


The concert reached its peak during the encore when the band launched into the ultimate crowd-pleaser, "School's Out." As balloons  filled the air and the audience sang along, it was clear that the Hollywood Vampires had given their all, leaving nothing behind on that stage.


The production value of the show was exceptional, with a dynamic light display and a powerful sound system that enveloped the entire venue. The band's camaraderie and genuine enthusiasm for the music was infectious, creating an electric atmosphere that had everyone on their feet throughout the entire performance.


The Scottish crowd at the OVO Hydro added an undeniable energy and passion to the Hollywood Vampires' concert. Known for their fervent love of music, the Scottish fans were on fire from the moment the band stepped on stage. The cheers and applause echoed throughout the venue, creating an electric atmosphere that fueled the band's performance.


Amidst the sea of rock enthusiasts, there was one standout fan who caught everyone's attention. Dressed as the iconic pirate, Jack Sparrow, from Johnny Depp's beloved character in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" film series, this dedicated fan added an extra touch of excitement to the evening. With his meticulous attention to detail and authentic portrayal, he became a focal point in the crowd, drawing smiles and laughs from all around.


In summary, the Hollywood Vampires' concert at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow was a rock and roll spectacle that exceeded all expectations. With their superb musicianship, charismatic stage presence, and a setlist that honored rock legends while showcasing their own original material, the Hollywood Vampires delivered a truly unforgettable night of music. Fans of rock and roll, both young and old, were treated to an extraordinary performance that will be remembered for years to come.

Words: Alexis Elwood

Header Image: Hollywood Vampires by Neil Lupin