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1 month ago

Live Review: The Lottery Winners Burn Down The House In Newcastle


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Our 2023 ‘Must See Live Act’ has been making waves across the country since the release of their fifth album, Anxiety Replacement Therapy, back in April. As they were kicking off their 2024 tour in Newcastle, it seemed rude not to pop down and check out how they were getting on. 

It’s safe to say that any band that turns up on stage wearing their own merch needs to have the confidence to pull it off. Landing just after 9pm, decked out in matching varsity jackets, prominently emblazoned with the LW logo, the Leigh four-piece immediately launched into Worry, and barely stopped for breath until the closed out the relentless set with fan favourite Start Again, from 2020’s self-titled long-player. 

In the middle we’re treated to a crowd-pleasing set that includes 21, Favourite Flavour, and the live debut of ART standout Jennie, at the request of a fan wedged against the barrier in the packed venue. The real highlight, however, is clearly Burning House. Katie LLoyd’s relentlessly hummable refrain can be heard being sung down the road as we pile out of the venue and along Newcastle’s famous Quayside and into the night. 

It’s rare to see a band that are having as much fun as their audience, but there can be no doubt that The Lottery Winners are here for a good time, and now that success is finally finding them, they’re damned well going to enjoy every moment. 

Words and photos: Thomas Jackson