SO.CO Team

1 year ago

MPOTYA: Important Announcement

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Over the last few days, we have become aware of suspicious voting patterns affecting a small number of Music Photographer Of The Year Awards entrants. We take this very seriously and have been investigating this internally.

We have commenced an audit of the entire voting record (which is obviously a huge amount of data) but it is apparent from that which we have already analysed that a number of users have had their votes inflated with ‘fake’ votes. 

Whilst we don’t believe these are all malicious, we will be in communication with the affected users, deleting the suspicious emails/accounts and the votes associated with them. 

We’ve made some changes today to ensure this doesn’t continue. We’ve added google verification and the need to now validate your email on sign up, in order to ensure the integrity of the awards, and that of our users. We thank you for your patience and your understanding whilst we make this right.