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9 months ago

New Artist Spotlight: High Vis

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High Vis are what happens if Oasis had grown up listening to Black Flag rather than The Beatles. They’re very definitely a hardcore band, but with elements of post-punk, baggy and shoegaze thrown into the mix. The result is an intoxicating blend of styles which is difficult to pinpoint, but equally as difficult not to get swept away with. 

The band, fronted by Graham Sayle, have been around since 2016, and released their second album, Blending, last year, to a clutch of gushing reviews in the music press. It’s a (slightly) mellower record than debut No Sense No Feeling, but the anger and the fight is still there. 

We caught the band last month at Leeds Festival, where they took no prisoners on the usually sleepy Sunday afternoon slot on the Festival Republic stage. A packed tent watched them through an all-too-short thirty minute set in which a couple of thousand people found their new favourite band. 

High Vis are currently rounding off a US tour, before setting off around Europe next month. Dates can be found here. 

Words and photos: Thomas Jackson