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6 months ago

New Artist Spotlight: Kapil Seshasayee

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Discovery is at the heart of what we do here at SO.CO, and we’re eager to shine a light on the new artists that we think deserve a wider audience, so we’re delighted to launch our New Artist Spotlight. Each week we’ll focus on a new or up and coming artist the we feel deserves your ears. First up, we have Kapil Seshasayee.

Seshasayee is a multifaceted artist and musician renowned for his boundary-pushing creativity and thought-provoking work. Born with an innate passion for music, Kapil's journey began in Glasgow, Scotland, where he embraced a diverse range of musical influences, from Indian classical to Western rock.

Kapil's musical career started to take shape with his debut album A Sacred Bore in 2018, showcasing his distinctive fusion of genres, blending alternative rock, folk, and experimental elements. This release earned him critical acclaim for his bold lyrics, addressing societal issues such as cultural appropriation and mental health.

Throughout his career, Kapil has fearlessly challenged conventional norms, both musically and thematically. His subsequent projects, including second album Laal, delved into his Indian heritage, intertwining it with contemporary sounds to create a resonant cultural commentary.

Beyond his music, Kapil's endeavours include immersive multimedia performances that engage audiences on a deeper level. His live shows are known for their intense energy and visual artistry, leaving a lasting impact on audiences each night. 

Kapil Seshasayee's work reaches beyond just music, reflecting his commitment to social advocacy. By addressing pertinent issues through his art, he fosters dialogue and inspires change. His exploration of cultural identity, self-expression, and activism sets him apart as an artist who embodies the spirit of innovation and purpose.

Words and photos: Thomas Jackson