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5 months ago

New Music Monday - 18th September 2023

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We had a little bit of a hiccup yesterday so Tuesday is the new Monday... but still, we're back with five of the best new tracks to come out of the UK in the last week, so really, who's complaining?

Damage - Jelani Blackman

Jelani Blackman is an angry man. Angry at the cost of living, angry at the goverment, angry at the lack of connection in the world, angry at lack of justice post-Grenfell, angry at the world. This anger is channelled into Damage. It's a bit of Stormzy, a bit of Dave, and a lot of brilliant. 

Looking At You - Only The Poets

Only The Poets got a bit of a leg up when they were included on Louis Tomlinson's regular (and surprisingly great) Tour Bus Playlist. Looking At You is a polished, jangly, indie-pop romp reminiscent of Lewis Capaldi and Coldplay, but with a little edge to set it apart. It's not hard to imagine Only The Poets quickly stepping onto bigger stages than they currenty call home. 

Nothing Works - Declan McKenna

Declan McKenna is rapidly gaining a bit of a reputation for consistency. The top comment beneath the video for Nothing Works (as of writing this) even reads "Being a Declan stan is knowing we will never get a bad song"... and they're not wrong. It's another banger from the rapidly rising songwriter who stormed Leeds and Reading Festivals just last month. 

Mole In The Ground - John Francis Flynn

I'm a sucker for anything that opens with a sad string section, and that's before John Francis Flynn's baritone rumblings come in. The way Flynn's vocal is used here is more as an instrument than a voice. The slightly chaotic, jazz-tinged track barrels along, whisking you with it, until four minutes have passed, and you're not quite sure what happened... but you liked it a lot.

Cheap Wine - Asha Gold

There's a wonderful maturity to Asha Gold's delivery on Cheap Wine, a cynical but soulful r&b ballad that wouldn't feel out of place during early evening pre-drinks or at 4am. Gold's voice flows effortlessly, with some smart ideas resting on the solid bedrock of a wonderfully seductive beat. 

Words: Thomas Jackson

Header Image: Declan McKenna by Matt Chapman