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4 weeks ago

New Music Monday - 22nd January 2024

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We've had a few weeks off from NMM, because let's be honest, no-one wants a run-down of the least worst Christmas singles, do they? Anyway, I'm sure you remember the drill. Drink, sofa, headphones... then we'll begin. 

We Make Hits - Yard Act


All heroes need an origin story, and We Make Hits is Yard Act’s. Telling the tale of how the band fell together thanks to vocalist James subletting his spare room to Ryan Needham, and thus history was created. 


Even if it was rubbish, it namechecks fellow Leeds legends Grammatics, and for that reason alone, it earned its place in this week’s rundown. But it’s not rubbish. It’s ace. 

Homesick - Noah Kahan & Sam Fender


Cards on the table - I’m a Northern lad and Sam is one of our own, so there was no way this wasn’t getting a mention. Homesick is a really interesting clash of styles from the north-east of the USA, and the north-east of England, and it works beautiful. Noah and Sam are two sides of the same ocean, and the result is and object of real beauty and it’s not hard to imaging this will ensure a lot of new fans for this pair of superb young songwriters.

Why Am I Like This - Cassyette


It feels like Cassyette has been around forever already, but given that her first album proper is dropping in August 2024, it's probably just the beginning for Olivia Brooking, and we're sure to hear a lot more of her metal / dance crossover sound in the next year or so. On this superb showing, she might just stick around a lot longer. 

Gift Horse - Idles


The latest single from IDLES highly anticipated fifth album, Gift Horse continues the musical development that the band have been embarking on over the last few years. The punk sensibilities are still there, but these days IDLES are just a little mellower and more approachable. It’s like if Protomartyr tried their hand at funk, and I’m not against it. It’s dance-punk and it’s tremendous. 

Never Need Me - Rachel Chinouriri


There's something wonderful about Rachel Chinouriri. Somehow she manages to bring the gap between glistening pop and indie sensibilities. Never Need Me is the latest in an extensive run of almost faultless singles dating back to 2018, and her upcoming debut album is sure to propel her towards being the household name she surely deserves to be.

Words: Thomas Jackson

Header Image: Cassyette by Callum Robinson