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7 months ago

New Music Monday: 23rd October 2023

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Another week rolls around, and therefore so does another clutch of the best singles coming out of the UK this week. We usually aim for five tracks, but the standard this week is off the charts, so we’ve a few extras for you. Settle in and enjoy. 

Rampage - venbee feat. DJ SS


What a couple of years it's been for venbee. From dropping the platinum rated Messy In Heaven, to being one of the most talked about artists at SXSW, to playing triumphant sets at a whole litany of festivals in 2023. Rampage is a belter of a way to close out the year, and it bounces along at a rate of knots and her enthusiasm is as infectious as ever. If they did raves in fields in November, this would be on every playlist. 

A Night To Remember - beabadoobee & Laufey


Given the culprits, it's no surprise that A Night To Remember is a slow-jam of epic proportions. The Phillipines and Iceland collide here to create something of utmost beauty, designed perfectly for those late night listening sessions where no-one is leaving until the sun comes up. A post-club comedown for the 21st century 20-somethings. 

Dancer - IDLES & LCD Soundsystem


IDLES are back and it's not before time. With the release of TANGK just on the other side of the new year, they've dropped Dancer in conjunction with LCD Soundsystem. It's the collab we never knew we needed, and bodes well for the new album. 

Top 2 - Clavish


It feels like the entire hip-hop scene in the UK right now is talking about Clavish. Fans aren't hesitant to compare his work in positive terms to the likes of Dave and Stormzy, but he's anything but derivative. On Top 2 he shows why he's destined for big things, and it won't be a surprise to see him bothering the main stages at festivals next year. 

Topless Mother - Nadine Shah


Nadine Shah is no longer the best kept secret in the UK, but she remains one of the country's foremost songwriters, with the ability to craft a sublime lyric from even the bleakest material. Topless Mother is the first single from her upcoming album, Filthy Underneath, and if this is the standard she's working to, then we can expect great things.

Higher Self - Ego Ella May


As one of the great new hopes of UK soul, Ego Ella May has a lot resting on her shoulders. Since bursting onto the scene almost a decade ago, the column inches written have been almost as breathless as her vocal lines, and for good reason. This is yet another wonderful release from one of the brightest talents in UK music. 

Under The Rules - Sleaford Mods


To mark the release of their new six-track EP, More UK Grim, this week, Sleaford Mods dropped Under The Rules. Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn have delivered yet another nihilistic masterpiece which is as uncomfortable as it is brilliant. It features some of Williamson's bleakest lyrics yet, laid over a deliciously discomforting bed of squelching beats. Superb. 

Words: Thomas Jackson

Header Image: Ego Ella May by Thomas Jackson