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New Music Monday: 30th October 2023

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We all love Mondays, right? The dawn of a new week, new challenges, new hopes, new dreams... the opportunity to begin afresh. Or maybe you just look forward to a crop of the best new sounds coming out of the UK? If it's the latter, we've got you. You know the deal by now... Headphones? Check. Drink? Check. Then we'll begin. 

Dream Job - Yard Act


After the runaway success of debut album The Overload, it's pretty obvious that right now Yard Act feel invincible, and who can blame them? The first single from their second album sees them in experimental form... the Yard Act hallmarks are all there, but with a wonderfully wonky disco schtick that we haven't seen with this lot previously. You're right, it shouldn't work... but it really, really does. 

i can't get my shit together - Baby Queen


Baby Queen, or Bella Latham as she's knows to those close to her, has been knocking out glitchy, hyper-smart pop bangers for a while now, and she's hit gold yet again with this one. Each release adds numbers to her dedicated and rapidly growing army of fans, and on showings like this, it's not hard to see why. 

Break In The Weather - Benjamin Francis Leftwich


There's no shortage of ernest young men singing songs of longing these days, but there's something special about the way in which Benjamin Francis Leftwich ploughs that particular furrow. It would be all to easy to pigeonhole him into the 'sad-lads' genre, but Break In The Weather shows a wonderful depth to his writing and to his voice, and promise much for his upcoming album. 

Cold Reactor - Everything Everything


March 2024 is primed to be a cracking month for new albums. EE have promsied that their ambitious concept-album, Mountainhead, will be with us on the 1st of that month. The album is said to examine capitalism and social structure through the lens of a giant mountain built and worshipped by society. Cold Reactor is the first hint of how it's going to sound, and much like everything else they've released, it's pretty special. 

Brakelights - The Blinders


Kicking off the promotional campaign for new album Beholder (due for release on March 1st 2024), The Blinders have dropped Brakelights. As has become their staple, it's an edgy, unnerving and altogether agitating affair, but it's also bloody brilliant. Fans of the likes of The Cooper Temple Clause should be all over this lot already, but if you're not, consider this your heads up.

Words: Thomas Jackson

Header Image: Baby Queen by Thomas Jackson