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4 weeks ago

New Music Monday: 6th November 2023

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We're a day late with this one, but there's a good reason this time. We got wind of a great new track dropping late last night, and we just had to include it... so I'm sure you can forgive us. So here's your weekly fix of the best new tunes coming out of the UK in the last week. Kick back and enjoy. 

On Your Side - The Last Dinner Party


There’’s been a buzz around The Last Dinner Party since they broke unapologetically onto the scene with their first single just last April. Having formed immediately prior to the pandemic, they spent the lockdown(s) writing and refining their craft, emerging as much more of a cohesive unit than any band of their age has any right to be. The reception has been staggering, with festival stages all summer showing the ‘tent-full’ signs, and the hype shows no signs of abating. On Your Side is a beautiful, piano-led ballad of epic scope and ambition. 

You Should Know Me - Porij


Porij are on a noble quest to bring UK garage beats to the indie kids... there's not a way on earth that it should work, but you need to trust me when I say it really bloody does. You Should Know Me is yet another in a long line of absolutely banging singles. Infinitely danceable and cool as fuck. This needs to go straight into your Friday night playlist. 

I Love Making Bad Boys Cry - Caity Baser


Sixteen singles in three years is some going, and one of the reasons why Caity Baser is amassing a following that's making much more established artists jealous. Baser's ode to the one night stand, I Love Making Bad Boys Cry is cynical-pop perfection, and the sound of a young woman writing music for no-one but herself and her fans.

Anywhere For You - BANNERS


It's a bit Coldplay, a bit Embrace, a bit Capaldi and a bit Bastille, so it's not hard to imagine Anywhere For You being belted out around arenas in the not too distant future. BANNERS' latest is all soaring choruses and heartache, and more cathartic than a family sized bar of Dairy Milk and a 2am text to your ex. 

Suffer - Pillow Queens


So basically the reason we're late with this column is that this absolute gem dropped into our inbox and we simply couldn't not include it. Pillow Queens have been basically the best band at every festival they've played over the last two years, and the first single since 2022's Hearts and Minds suggests that nothing is going to change other than how far up the bill they are. This is just superb. 

Words: Thomas Jackson

Header Image: The Last Dinner Party by Marie Ladisch