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9 months ago

New Music Monday - 9th October 2023

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Another week, another mix of the best new music coming out of the UK. It's been a strong week for singles, and this week's selection is genuinely incredible in places. You know the drill by now. Pour the coffee, headphones on, and enjoy 20 minutes or so of brand new sounds. 

Kissing In Swimming Pools - Holly Humberstone

In the week before she releases her debut album Paint My Bedroom Black, Holly Humberstone has dropped possibly her most intriguing single yet. Kissing In Swimming Pools is a string-section drenched, Swiftian (Taylor, not Jonathan) lullaby of epic proportions. The album is going to be massive. 

Black Goose - Priya Ragu

I've written hundreds of words on just how superb Priya Ragu is, and I'll continue to do so until everyone knows. Her 2021 mixtape Damnshestamil was my album of the year, and the singles from upcoming Santhosam suggest that she might claim the 2023 title as well. She's pushing the boundaries of Tamil music, and creating something genuinely brilliant. 

Mother, - Ferris & Sylvester

This might just be one of the most affecting songs I've heard this year. Ferris & Sylvester are well known for their ability to craft a hook, but this Joni Mitchell-esque appeal from a child to escape from a toxic / hostile relationship elevates them to another level. It's beautifully mesmerising, and needs to be heard. 

Big Sax - LF System

Scotland's LF System have been producing certified bangers for a little while now. Back in July 2022 they topped the UK Singles Chart with Afraid To Feel, and they're back with Big Sax, which is, unsurprisingly, a sax-heavy dancefloor filler. The West Lothian duo are on a course to top dance festival bills very soon, and it's well deserved.

Shut Your Mouth - Millie Manders and the Shutup

Lyrically smart, punk as all hell, and obnoxiously brilliant. It's no wonder Millie Manders is making a name for herself on the punk scene in the UK. Manders has a distinctly modern take on the genre, and it's refreshing that it doesn't rely on the old tropes to get things done. 

Words: Thomas Jackson

Header Image: Holly Humberstone @ Connect 2022