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3 months ago

New Music Weekly - 23rd June

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With new tracks from The Smile, Slowdive and Aphex Twin, this week's run down of the newest tracks you need to hear might be the strongest yet. Let's dive right in... 

Die Young - venbee ft Rudimental


“The world is fucked mate, not as good as it seems”…. venbee is ushering in a whole new genre with her early singles. In this summer of discontent, nihilist rave might be just what we need. It was apparent on breakout single Messy In Heaven, and it rears its head again here. An absolute stormer of a track and a must listen. 

Kisses - Slowdive


A familiar synth intro leading into jangling guitars and a barely audible vocal line… yup, Slowdive are back! Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell’s inimitable vocal interplay simply can’t be matched, and as it fades out all too soon, you can’t help but want more. 

Bending Hectic - The Smile


Thom Yorke’s ability to wrench at the heart strings is unmatched of late. For eight minutes his grip is unrelenting and unmistakeable, and alongside Johnny Greenwood and Sons Of Kemet drummer Tom Skinner, he has created a masterpiece. The final two minutes is a full on post-rock nervous breakdown, and possibly the best 120 seconds of music I’ve heard in years. 

Blackbox Life Recorder 21f - Aphex Twin


How do I begin to describe Aphex Twin’s new release? It manages to be both ambient and unsettling at the same time. A track that somehow would feel at home at midnight in a festival field, and at 4am on the couch. Just listen to it. Loud. 

Barbie World - Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice, Aqua


It’s the reboot we didn’t know we needed. Nicki and Ice deliver a reworking of Barbie Girl, with the original protagonists in tow. It’s ludicrous, and it’s addictive. You’ll be humming this all summer. 

Words: Thomas Jackson

Header Image: The Smile by Eva Plevier