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2 months ago

New Music Weekly - 4th July

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Another electic selection of absolute stormers this week. Selecting just five tracks was a tough ask... but here's the best of the best of this week's new releases. 

St. Charles' Square - Blur

On St. Charles' Square, Blur go right back to their roots, channeling Ian Dury with a piece of hallucinogenic social commentary which could have been pulled right from their Modern Life Is Rubbish era. It's stunning statement of intent ahead of their new album, out July 21st. 

Forever For Now - Morgan Harper-Jones

Manchester newcomer Morgan Harper-Jones describes herself as 'a 50 year old woman trapped in the body of a 25 year old musician', and whilst it's a cute sentiement, it's not quite on the money. There's certainly an old soul hiding in their, evidenced on Forever For Now, but this isn't just any 50 year old woman. This is someone who has lived, who has lost, and who is ok with that. A deeply intense song which haunts, long after it has ended. 

Vampire - Olivia Rodrigo

This is Olivia Rodrigo with the anger turned up. As she spits "bloodsucker, famefucker, bleeding me dry like a goddamn vampire" you can feel the hatred embedded in each word. Rodrigo is vengefulm spiteful, pissed off and absolutely on fire. Her best single yet.  

Messy - Olivia Dean

Olivia Dean is another voice cut from the same cloth as Morgan Harper-Jones (above). Messy is a soulful, whisky soaked slow-burner, which, like much of Dean's work to date, gets right under your skin from the first notes. A dramatic yet playful demonstration of everything that Olivia Dean is about. 

Hippodrome - Jamie T

Jamie T is at his best when he's paying tribute to his native London, as he is here on Hippodrome. His soul lives on these dark streets, and this depth of feeling can't help but bleed from the speakers. It's a cynically celebratory ode to the city, and it's a gem. 

Words: Thomas Jackson

Header Image: Jamie T by Callum Robinson