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5 months ago

Opportunity: Float Along Festival (Sheffield - 23rd September)

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Continuing our commitment to developing new talent and offering awesome opportunities to help our creative community get access to great events, build your portfolio, and create some killer content, we’ve connected with Sheffield’s Float Along Festival (23rd September 2023) to offer you the chance to cover one of the best citywide all-dayers in the country for 

The stacked lineup features The Murder Capital, Benefits, 86TVs, WH Lung, English Teacher and many, many more. 


For this opportunity we’re looking for one photographer and one writer to cover the festival for us.

The Murder Capital by Robert Barrett

The Murder Capital by Robert Barrett



Photographers: email with a link to your profile. If you don’t yet have a profile, you can sign up here. Alternatively, send us a link to your online portfolio. 


Writers: email with a link to a published, bylined piece of music reporting you’ve written, or if you’re unpublished, send us 200 words on why you should be considered. 

Benefits by Thomas Jackson

Benefits by Thomas Jackson


We can offer a small fee for your work to cover expenses. This will be discussed with the successful applicants. 


All applicants must also include their age, full name and city. We’re afraid this one is for our community members aged 16 and up. Sorry about that. 


This opportunity closes at 4pm (BST) on Sunday 17th September. The successful applicants will be contacted by 4pm (BST) on Monday 18th September. 

Header Image: Everything Everything at Float Along 2022 by Thomas Jackson.