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Today In Music: 8th May

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We've had a few days off, but never fear, your musical history lesson is here, and features such luminaries as Dylan, Springsteen, and... erm... The Bay City Rollers! 

1965: Bob Dylan filmed the promo for Subterranean Homesick Blues took place at The Savoy in London. The classic, and much satirised, video features a young Dylan holding up selected lyrics from the song on cue cards. It could be argued that Dylan is directly resposible for *that* vomit inducing scene in the creepiest movie in history - Love, Actually. 


1976: Renowned radio DJ Johnnie Walker quit the BBC after refusing to succumb to their demands that he pretend to like The Bay City Rollers. The BBC were forced to defend themselves against claims of bias again in 2015, following re-runs of Walkers shows under the Sounds of the 70s moniker. 


1982: Vangelis hit the US No.1 spot with Chariots of Fire. He had been accused of plagiarism by Greek artist Stavros Logaridis, but successfully defended himself against the claim in court by turning up with a keyboard, and demonstrating his compositional technique. A similar defence was recently used by Ed Sheeran. 


2005: Bruce Springsteen scored his 13th No.1 studio album in the US, with Devils and Dust. The album was offered to Starbucks for release, but they eventually declined, reportedly due the coffee chain taking offence at the subject matter of the song Reno. 


2006: The Rolling Stones pulled their European tour on medical advice, following guitarist Keith Richards' emergency brain surgery, to treat head injuries due to him falling out of a coconut tree. 


Words: Thomas Jackson

Header Image: Bruce Springsteen by Phil Stanley