Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats are a Canadian hardcore punk band from Toronto, Ontario. To date, they have released seven studio albums and six extended plays; with their most recent LP, Psychic Jailbreak, having been released on 15 April 2022. The band is currently composed of lead vocalist Liam Cormier, drummer Mike Peters and bassist/guitarist Jaye R. Schwarzer. The band are also currently joined by touring guitarists Stephen Harrison and Nick Sherman, following the departure of founding guitarist Scott Middleton in 2021. Cancer Bats take a wide variety of influences from heavy metal sub-genres and fuse them into hardcore and punk rock, and also include elements of Southern metal. Their sound has been likened to sludge metal, as well as to that of metalcore bands such as Converge and Hatebreed. The members of Cancer Bats have also toured and recorded as a Black Sabbath tribute band under the name Bat Sabbath.

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