Halflives is an alternative rock band originally from Modena, Italy but now based in Paris, France. After releasing their debut 8-track record "Empty Rooms" in 2017, they toured Europe and the UK supporting Courage My Love. In 2018 they headlined several tours in mainland Europe and the UK and released two standalone singles "Crown" and "Fugitive". Early in 2019 they toured in the UK supporting The Faim and Chapel and appeared at Rock for People. In 2020 they released their EP "Resilience", including the single "Time Bomb" featuring Kellin Quinn from Sleeping with Sirens. They toured Europe early 2020 with Icon for Hire and released their single "Villain" in November of that year. Their next EP "V" came out on July 2nd 2021 and includes the singles "Victim", "Vibe", "Valkyrie" and "Villain".

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